You feel the power inside you, you hear your voice: you want to learn to trust it more deeply, shape it, to make it clearer

You know that there is a strong power within you, and you want to access it more fully.

You’re doing great things, but know there is more to what you want.

You know that there is so much that you can create, but you don’t know where to start or what the next step is.

You have important things to say and do.

You’re here because of all the noise, the ‘shoulds’ and the expectations.

Your inner critic may well be on overdrive.

If this is familiar, you probably find one or more of these things to be true:

  • you question yourself regularly
  • you feel frustrated that you haven’t done what you want to
  • you have too many ideas and don’t know where to start
  • you use negative self-talk
  • you’re beating yourself up for not knowing
  • you start something and then let it drift, for fear of doing it ‘wrong’
  • you procrastinate
  • you seek perfection, even though you know it’s not there

  • you think other people will judge you if you take the steps you know you want to
  • you compare yourself to others, and often come off worse
  • you’ve lost connection with your body and what it’s telling you

I know intimately how it feels to not know which way to turn, or how to take the next step forwards

I also know that through patience, kindness and perseverence, it can be different. You can find the sign-posts that you seek and trust yourself to follow them.

Most importantly, I know that trying to do this alone is very difficult. Believe me, I tried.

Two strong threads have run through the variety of work I’ve done over the past fifteen years: education and helping people to achieve.

 After my degree in History and Sociology, I worked in events management before moving into teaching. I am passionate about education – in the broadest sense of the word. I spent a number of years loving my job, being very good at it, achieving an MA alongside it, but also holding an ongoing, underlying sense that I was ‘wrong’. I didn’t fit, and it was my failing, I felt.

 I took some time out, travelling and working overseas in a variety of roles. I returned to teaching in the UK, still loved large parts of it, but it still didn’t fit with me.

I took a leap four years ago, and left my job to work with VSO in Tanzania. I loved this, though it was also immensely challenging. I learned an incredible amount and gave so much of myself. This was the real start of me listening to myself and what I needed.

When I returned to the UK, I utilised my skills as I taught part-time, tutored, became a freelance trainer for an international development organization, ran well-being workshops, completed counseling skills training and volunteered with a women’s centre. I later worked as coordinator for a refugee education charity. Yes – this was a LOT!

 I also fell into a spiral of not knowing – one that I wasn’t fully equipped to move out of on my own. I lived with worry, anxiety and depression. I felt that I had so many different ways to turn, and yet nowhere. I had so many options, too many options – how lucky, how empowering, how stuck, how frozen, how overwhelming. But I also…

I started to engage with my inner critic, and to understand why she was there

I continued to engage in my own counseling

I read a plethora of books

I decided to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’;

I pushed too hard, I didn’t push enough,

I fell over, I got back up

I started to understand the patterns in my behaviours

I gave myself kindness.

I started to understand and be at greater ease with that idea that all that has come before is part of bringing us to where we are now; that the learning is in the doing, it’s in the exploration, it’s in falling over that we learn how to get back up.

I decided not to be driven by a need to be the ‘good girl’

I started to work with a coach and a counsellor

I walked and camped, and ran and did yoga.

I engaged in nature and I came back into my body. I started to hear what it had been saying for so long.

I started recognizing what my gut was saying to me and then, another step further, I learned how to trust it and how to act on it.

I started to create balance between valuing my cognitive and my somatic processes, and the interplay between them

I found that valuing both was the most powerful way that I could be in my thoughts and my emotions – and honour all of them for what they were

I wrote and I wrote – some for public consumption, some solely for myself

I learned to understand and love all of the different parts of me

Let's Connect

I can help you to make this shift

I’ve trained to be a coach (via an ICF accredited qualification) to help you get there. I’ve built on my years of experience as a teacher, trainer and mentor to be in a position to support you

 I will:  

Listen – without judgement and without agenda

Hold a space that feels safe and open for you to bring your whole self

Provide practical tools and ideas for you to put into practice

Provide accountability

Be honest and congruent

Expect you to take the lead, with me walking beside you

Bring kindness

Bring truthfulness – I’ll call you out on something if it feels needed!

Be responsive to your needs and your feedback

Work with you outdoor, if you’re open to that

Build somatic (body) and nature connection into the way is a strong part of the way in which I work, as a way of being and as a tool to ground yourself.

Making a change...

“I have made the biggest professional decision I’ve taken in 10 years, and I feel confident it’s the right one as a result of our sessions. I have felt surer of myself and my anxiety is less overwhelming. I’m firmer in what I can do and gentler about what I cannot.” 

Lu – teacher


“Our session really sparked a deep exploration into myself and the relationship I have with my body. Thank you, I really needed that. [after the session I felt] motivated to do the work within myself.”

Olivia – trainer and coach

Everything you’ve read above wouldn’t represent the full me without also telling you…

I am a big traveller! I am an explorer: both of the tops of trees and of countries across the world.

I speak (rusty) Swahili.

I am a runner, and am lucky enough to have experienced crossing the finish line of the London marathon and completed a challenge of 12 half marathons in a year. I walk and I trek.

My absolute happy place, is swimming under water – recently, even in UK winter!!

I am a voracious reader and a lover of food

I’m converting my own campervan

Oh, and at the start of 2019, I went from having thick hair half-way down my back, to a number 4 buzzcut!

You don’t have to do this on your own

It’s absolutely okay to need cheerleaders – in fact, it’s a necessity in life. They come in all shapes and sizes, and I am well-equipped to be someone who can walk alongside you and help you navigate the changes you know you want to make.

I love that my CV is the multi-coloured entity that it is – it’s a journey of exploration and inquisitiveness. It is one of the key reasons I am the strong, flexible and dynamic practitioner that I am today.

I promise to honour all of your intelligences: emotional, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual – and to help you to do the same.

We know communication leads to understanding. Thank you for reaching out so we can begin!