I said this – that there is room for everyone – during a talk that I made to entrepreneurs under 30 in Brighton last week and saw several people relax and expand.

As we step forwards to bring our own ideas and change to fruition, it’s a vital message to keep in our minds.

We live in a world of competition, in a world of comparison. We live in a world that wants us to conform and be smaller than we are. Women have been told for millennia to be smaller, quieter, less trouble.

Have you ever thought, ‘I can’t do that as well as them’, or ‘why would someone want to hear my story when others have spoken theirs so eloquently’, or ‘well, now they’ve done that, what’s the point in me trying’, or ‘shit, that’s my plan!’? I know I have, and still sometimes do.

 Worldwide, political rhetoric is ramping up a story of limited resources, of limited space. We’re told that we don’t have room for people trying to find safety; we’re told there isn’t enough. We’re told to work harder, to build higher walls, to fear others.


But there IS space for us to be whomever we are, to do want we aim to do. There is room for everyone.

You being yourself doesn’t stop someone else from being themselves*

Another person creating something incredible doesn’t stop you from bringing your own wondrous contribution to the world.

You stepping forward and sharing your story is valid and needed, however many people have told theirs beforehand. It’s new; it’s yours.

 Working with integrity to achieve your goal will actually create more space for others to achieve theirs. When you step forwards, you help to make that path clearer for others; they in turn will help clear other paths that you may well tread on.

If we come from a place of scarcity and limitations, that’s what we’ll continue to create, for ourselves and for our world.

If we use resources wisely and fairly, if we create and co-create, if we work in alignment with each other and our natural world, the possibilities are endless.



There is room for YOU, there is room for YOUR IDEAS and your ACTIONS.

Your voice and your contribution are valid and valuable.

Our world needs diversity and daring, not homogeneity and conformity 


* Unless you actively seek to limit others through your discriminatory or abusive actions

We know communication leads to understanding. Thank you for reaching out so we can begin!